The natal chart in Vedic Astrology: 5 important benefits

Many people have asked me over the years why they should have their Vedic natal (birth) chart made? Is it really important? What are the benefits?

Although there are many benefits associated with having your Vedic natal chart prepared and analyzed, the top five are:

  1. A natal chart can help you gain a better understanding of yourself.
  2. A natal chart can bring you clarity in times of change or crisis in your life.
  3. A natal chart can help you navigate interpersonal relationships.
  4. A natal chart can provide important information about your current and future health.
  5. A natal chart can be a tool for directing meditation.

What exactly is a natal chart in Vedic Astrology?

Natal chart template

A natal chart in Vedic Astrology is a diagram of the position of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth. That diagram will be fixed throughout your life. As you can see from the template, the 12 houses of the zodiac are represented by the outer squares. Located in each house is a zodiac sign. AriesOpens in a new tab. marks the first house, with the other signs following in clockwise order until the 12th house (PiscesOpens in a new tab.) is reached. This is known as the natural zodiac. Mapped onto this template is the position of the planets at the specific time and place of your birth.

Essentially, your life begins when you take your first breath upon entering this world because you harmonize at that moment with the energies of the universe present at that point in time. Therefore, your Vedic natal chart represents a map of the cosmic energies with which you can work in this life.

Your natal chart is prepared using the information about the date, time and place of your birth. The time and place of birth play fundamental roles in determining the exact position of the planets, since they form the basis of the natal chart in Vedic Astrology.

In the Vedic natal chart, the zodiac sign that corresponds to your ascendant is identified. This is important to provide a picture of your personality, including aspects of your personality that you tend to keep hidden from others.

Your Vedic natal chart gives clues to your main life lessons, shows your destiny and helps you to understand your intuitive and emotional nature, as well as the physical and psychological traits that can help or hinder your life’s journey. It points the way to the future purpose of your soul.

The benefits of a Vedic natal chart are both practical and spiritual. Carefully consider the 5 benefits presented below. We hope they help you in your decision to have your own Vedic birth chart prepared and analyzed.

It can help you gain a better understanding of yourself

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the natal chart is that it can help you gain a better understanding of yourself – your strengths and weaknesses, the possible choices you consider and might make, and the experiences you are likely to have.

It’s a great way to identify and understand areas that you haven’t appreciated, are uninformed, or are biased. You can use that knowledge for personal growth and self-improvement. Equally important, it can help you to develop a deeper understanding and compassion for your own eccentricities and shortcomings. You can learn what talents to cultivate and the areas of weakness that need development.


To know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Aristotle (385-325 BCE)

The Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle tells us that self-knowledge is the light of consciousness, the knowledge of who you really are. Through self-knowledge, your Vedic natal chart can help you move through life with more ease and grace. It can guide you on your way to self-realization.

It is beneficial to review your Vedic natal chart annually in order to account for planetary positions that have occurred that year. This is called the study of planetary transits and generally requires the guidance of a professional astrologer because the analysis is very complex. We can help you here at Astrología Aditi with a transit chart analysisOpens in a new tab. or you can seek help from your own professional astrologer.

As noted above, your Vedic natal chart is a fixed map that does not change (you are only born once in this life). In a transit chart analysis, your Vedic natal chart is compared to the transiting planets – the current position of the planets in the sky on your birthday, the beginning of the year, or another important historical day in your life. When a transiting planet makes contact with one of the planets in your Vedic birth chart, it activates a specific cosmic energy, one that can be fortuitous or challenging. Knowing this can be very beneficial as it allows you to plan ahead.

It can bring you clarity in times of change or crisis in your life

A Vedic natal chart can bring clarity to you in times of change or crisis in your life. It can impart direction and can help you make important decisions in your life.

We all face crisis. It is part of life. We feel trapped or we feel like we are being pulled in opposite directions. This often causes you to panic, which only increases your feelings of helplessness and results in additional panic. It is a vicious cycle.

Meditation may help you. But your panic often has you in such a restless state that it is impossible for you to meditate.

Physical exertion (running or walking, exercising, athletic competition) can also help ease your sense of panic. But crisis does not strike when it is convenient. Maybe you’re not in a situation where you can rush to the gym or to a local basketball game.

Referring to your Vedic natal chart can assist in bringing you out of a state of panic and can help you reach a center point.


It reminds you of who you are, what problem-solving skills you have at your disposal, as well as the areas in which you might need support and from whom you should seek it. This process of centering can put you in a better state of mind for meditation, which will help you even more.

With a Vedic natal chart, you can gain valuable information about your soul, to see what karmasOpens in a new tab. you have brought into this life that require your attention for you to be successful on your path to self-realization. In short, it is valuable for navigating the ups and downs of life.

It can help you navigate interpersonal relationships

A Vedic natal chart can help you navigate interpersonal relationships. Are you having difficulties with your colleagues at work? Do you feel like your friends don’t always understand you? Is there tension in your intimate relationships?

Through the greater sense of clarity and self-knowledge that a Vedic birth chart can bring, you will be better able to handle interpersonal challenges. It can indicate times when your initiatives will be supported and largely unimpeded. Conversely, it can identify times that will potentially be unstable and you should exercise caution.

Similarly, a Vedic natal chart can also assess compatibility between love partners or other important collaborative interactions. (For this analysis it is necessary to study each person involved). It is truly amazing how much we rely on chance and intuition to guide us through life-altering decisions, such as deciding to marry or establishing business relationships. A Vedic natal chart can help take some of the guesswork out of these decisions.

It can provide information about your current and future health

A Vedic natal chart can provide important information about your current and future health. Aditi ValdiviaOpens in a new tab. or another professional astrologer of your choice can examine your Vedic natal chart for signs of, if any, health problems that you may experience throughout your life.

This is accomplished by applying the knowledge that each zodiac sign is associated with specific anatomical locations on the body.

Zodiac SignParts of the bodyRules
AriesHead, cranium, brain, pituitary glandPitta dosha
(see above)
TaurusEyes, nose, mouth, neck, throat, tongue, thyroid, cerebellum, and facial bonesVata dosha
(see above)
GeminiEars, lower neck, shoulders, arms, hands, along with the bones of these areas. Respiratory system and nervous system.The 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha
CancerRib cage, chest, heart, lungs and breasts (female)Kapha dosha
(see above)
LeoUpper abdomen, stomach, bone marrow, liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreasPitta dosha
VirgoWaist, umbilical region, nervous system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix and kidneysVata dosha
LibraKidneys, lower back, lower part of the large intestine, bladder and internal reproductive organs (ovarios, útero, testículos, próstata)The 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta y Kapha
ScorpioExternal sexual organs, scrotum, rectum, anus, pelvic bonesKapha dosha
SagittariusHips, thighs and buttocksPitta dosha
CapricornKnees, knee cap, bones and joints, skeletal system, and structural connective tissueVata dosha
AcuariusCalves, ankles, sympathetic nervous system (body’s unconscious actions), peripheral vascular systemThe 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta y Kapha
PiscesFeet and its bones, lymphatic systemKapha dosha

Although astrology cannot diagnose disease, Aditi Valdivia or another competent professional astrologer can analyze your Vedic natal chart to identify periods of stress or low vitality, when you might have health problems, the strengths and weaknesses in your body, tendencies towards various types of diseases and conditions, possible nutritional deficiencies. She can also suggest the best dates and times for elective procedures.

It can be a tool for directing meditation

The Vedic natal chart can be a tool for directing meditation, in which the planets represent qualities that you strive to improve within yourself. The planets represent the branches of our cosmic entity that we must grow to return to our original state of grace. In this regard, the Vedic natal chart is a mechanism for freeing your consciousness from its physical limitation in the human brain so that it can pass through the rays of creation to encompass the entire universe.

In summary

In summary, the 5 principal ways a Vedic natal chart can benefit you are: achieving self-knowledge, achieving clarity in decision making, navigating your interpersonal relationships, maintaining good health, and helping you follow a meditation practice. These benefits can have huge positive impacts on your life and can help you achieve higher levels of self-realization.

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