About Aditi Valdivia

Aditi Valdivia is a Vedic Astrology advisor and educator. She is the founder of Astrology Aditi.

  • Member: Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology (SATVA).
  • Member: Systems Approach to Mundane Astrology (SAMVA).

Aditi Valdivia graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) and completed her medical residency training at the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala.

Somewhat disillusioned by the reductionist approach promoted by Western medicine, she began to investigate the more holistic approaches of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine. This culminated in her enrollment and subsequent graduation from the California College of Ayurveda. It was during her study of Ayurveda that she developed her passion for Vedic Astrology.

She began to fuel her passion with books by David Frawley and B.V. Raman. These initial investigations led her to formally study with the noted Vedic Astrologer Sam Geppi at the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science.

She has read numerous books on Vedic Astrology and has participated in many classes and seminars given by leading vedic astrologers around the world. This eventually led her to the Vedic Astrology Systems Approach developed by Professor V.K. Choudry and more study.

Aditi Valdivia is currently a practitioner of the Vedic Astrology Systems Approach. Using it, she prepares natal chartsOpens in a new tab. and planetary transits for clients. You can find details about this on our Services pageOpens in a new tab..

In her personal life, she enjoys interacting with the forest and the beings that inhabit it, reading novels and the poetry of Emily Dickinson, growing and learning in spirituality, playing chess, and loving her 6 dogs.