Taurus: an excellent guide for beginners

In Vedic Astrology there are certain attributes or tendencies inherent to the different signs of the Zodiac. To explore them, we are going to turn to Taurus: the sign of the bull.

Taurus is the sign of the bull and its element is the earth. It is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of sensual desires and pleasures, capable of appreciating beauty, art, and desiring happiness and being capable of the highest devotion.

General Characteristics of Taurus

White, ruled by Venus, big, four feet, strong at night, from the south, who lives in the village, a merchant, from the land, from Rajas and rising from behind, so is the Bull.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

Taurus tends to be more patient than other signs. Because the animal that represents them is the bull, they can go at a slow pace. At the same time, they are persistent in their decisions.

The modality of Taurus is fixed. This means that they don’t like to initiate things. Instead, they like to perfect what has already been started. These fixed characteristics and their patience can make Taurus slow to make decisions when they have to.

This gives Taurus a tendency to persist at something when it would be more advisable to change course. They can be the most stubborn in the zodiac. However, Taurus can succeed where others have already surrendered, due to this virtue, to their persistence.

Feeling comfortable and at peace is very precious to Taurus. They appreciate the beauty of the physical world because Venus makes them have a sensual nature. The Vedic sage Parashara describes them as villagers. This means that they are sociable people. People enjoy their company. Taurus natives try to make others feel good.

The Sun Rules the 4th House of Taurus

The Sun is the king among all planets in the zodiac. It is strong and magnanimous. For the Taurus ascendant, the Sun rulesOpens in a new tab. the fourth house, which is the sign of LeoOpens in a new tab.. The 4th house represents emotions, feelings and the inner being.

Because the nature of the Sun is to be king, it must create or obtain security for Taurus. Therefore, achieving security through different actions is a fundamental task for Taurus. They often look for that feeling of security in the outside world: in the people around them, in the acquisition of material things, in their jobs or profession.

A planet can be exaltedOpens in a new tab. in one of the signs of the zodiac. For each ascendant, the position or house in which a planet is exalted tells us how that planet can reach further evolution. In the case of the Sun, it is exalted in the sign of AriesOpens in a new tab., which for Taurus corresponds to the 12th house.

The 12th house is related to seeking spirituality through abandonment or detachment. That is the way in which a Taurus person will achieve a greater degree of security and inner stability, since the Sun is the ruler of the 4th house that represents the emotions and inner life. If you are a Taurus, one of your great life lessons will be to not seek security not in external things. Although this may seem contradictory in today’s world, only through the abandonment of your emotional security and your attachment to material things, will you find genuine security. Pursue what is beyond material, something more spiritual.

A sad story about a Taurus

I am going to tell a fictional story to illustrate some challenges that Taurus natives may experience in their lives, particularly in marriage.

A Taurus married in love. She and her husband provide the material earnings for the home. Her husband has a good job. She also has a good job. The couple has 3 children.

But the marriage eventually went from a happy relationship that lasted a few months to an unhappy union. Her husband is an abusive man. He drinks a lot of alcohol and has a bad temper.

There are many difficult situations in the daily life of this Taurus woman and her husband. She fears that, upon divorce, she may not be able to provide all of the comforts on her own that her three children currently enjoy. They go to the best school and attend music classes. They go on frequent walks to explore the area where they live and have vacations from time to time.

This Taurus woman has a tendency to seek security in material possessions. The material gives structure to her life. In her mind, she associates suffering with material deficiencies and she doesn’t want to be a cause of suffering in her children.

Because she is a Taurus, she has a lot of difficulty taking the first step and initiating a divorce. It’s hard for her to even think about it. She still hopes that, at some point, her relationship with her husband will improve.

The security that this Taurus has is an illusion. She has not realized that she is stuck, not moving, in one place. Because of this she fails to acknowledge that for all intents and purposes her marriage already is over and is simply waiting for one last devastating incident to confirm it. By holding onto false hope and remaining in the marriage, she actually is making her life less secure, the exact opposite of what she desires.

Taurus natives should not be misinterpreted. They are people who nurture others. They make others feel good. A Taurus person will ask you if you are comfortable, if you feel good, and will try to please you. They are very generous and hospitable people. That is why to conclude that they may be uniquely materialistic is completely wrong. There are materialistic people who are dedicated to hoarding or coveting in all of the signs.

As you can see in the example, this Taurus is persistent, has many insecurities, and tries to seek security in the external conditions of her life. She protects her family, trying to avoid suffering for her children.

I do not mean to suggest that all Taurus natives behave the same way as the woman in the story. This example may be different depending on the circumstances and the degree of spiritual evolution of the person.

Knowing the nature of the different zodiac or ascendant signs can give us a clearer idea of how people operate, the structure of their thoughts and feelings. And above all, this knowledge makes us understand them better and tolerance for all people grows in us.

The Sun is exalted in the 12th house of Taurus

For Taurus, the sign of Aries is the 12th house. Aries is the sign where the Sun is exalted. It is the house that is related to Moshka or self-realization, with spirituality or surrendering to God, ceasing to be attached to the material. This is all the 12th house.

For those that are Taurus natives, the emotional transformations that you experience throughout life are very positive for your spiritual evolution. It is only with detachment, and ceasing to seek material security, that the Sun will bless you with a deeper and spiritual understanding. In this way, the highest devotion will arise in you, with which the ascendant signs that are born under the regency of Venus, such as Taurus, are blessed.

Taurus and health in Vedic Astrology

Kalapurusha is time personified. This means that each of the 12 signs of the zodiac that occur throughout a year (time) is assigned specific parts of the body. Taurus corresponds to the face and its organs: nose, throat, mouth, teeth, eyes, along with the neck and its bones, cerebellum, and facial bones. Taurus rules over Vata dosha.

The strength of Venus, as a planet that governs the 6th house (LibraOpens in a new tab.) of health, will determine if a Taurus is healthy.

If you have an unhealthy constitution in which your Venus is weak, you may suffer in the following areas.

  • Poor digestion or heartburn
  • Constipation
  • Throat, eye, or tooth disorders
  • Venous system problems

Overindulgence, such as eating or drinking too much, can place Taurus natives in ill health.

How is Taurus in love?

Love for Taurus always will be related to great transformations. This is because ScorpioOpens in a new tab. is in the 7th House, which is the house of relationships and of the couple.

Scorpio is a sign related to transformation. Through a partner, you, as a Taurus, will develop the inner security that you seek so much, and that you believe you obtain from the material world in everything that your senses perceive. It is only in the search for security within you that you can build a feeling of certainty or confidence. So a partner for you will be someone who invariably will transform your inner life.

Taurus natives are very trustworthy. The Sun’s rulership of the fourth house makes them down-to-earth people. But at the same time it makes them stubborn. This stubbornness can give rise to a resistance to change, with a denial that they need to let go of their emotional securities. Problems at home can appear as a result.

The Sun could insist on defending the emotional security of a Taurus. This is because it is not willing to negotiate with the partner a situation in which what is known to the Taurus native is compromised.

Consider the following example. A Taurus man might prevent his wife from having a job or only allow her to work part time. He does this because he believes that this would weaken their marriage and place his wife in a position where she can meet more people. This potentially could push her away from him.

As can be seen, this Taurus avoids change in routine and in his wife’s life, because he is not willing to risk his emotional security.

Remember. It is important to avoid judging people’s behavior. The example above is just that. It does not mean that all Taurus men or women behave in this way. There are many ways in which this need to defend emotional security can manifest itself. We all like to have this confidence within us. The birth chart of a Taurus reflects that for them it is something essential.

At the same time, this makes Taurus natives reliable and predictable. These qualities in a marriage may be preferred by their partners, because the relationship can grow a lot in this stability.

The signifiers of marriage are some of the planets of a natal chart and these are different depending on the ascendant. You have to know the beneficial influences of planets that are signifiers of marriage if you want to know more details about this behavior.

If these planets do not have malefic influences, then this gives harmony to the relationship, a strong bond.

Some problems that arise are related to the health of the couple. Taking an honest look at this important factor is important to evaluating the marriage.

The main determinant of marriage for men and women that are Taurus natives is the Sun. The strength of the 5th house (VirgoOpens in a new tab.) is also a contributing factor, because a good 5th house blesses the couple with children.

In a man’s natal chart, Venus will signify the wife. In a woman’s natal chart, Jupiter will signify the husband.

When the main planetary signifiers of marriage and the 7th house are without afflictions and the houses that signify the harmony of the couple have no problems, then the relationship will flourish. It will be a harmonious relationship.


I am indebted to my professor, Sam Geppi, founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, for his infinite patience and tenacity in teaching me many of the concepts expressed in this article.

I also appreciate the teachings of Professor VK Choudhry, founder of the very effective study of the natal chart: Systems Approach, the basis for effective and reliable readings.

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