Scorpio: a valuable guide for beginners

In Vedic Astrology the Scorpio zodiac sign also is known by the name Vrischika (from Sanskrit). If we count from Aries in the Natural Zodiac, Scorpio corresponds to the eighth house. This means that aspects of Scorpio will be common when studying the 8th house of any ascendant.

Scorpio is a feminine sign. It tends to be reflective and introspective. Scorpio ascendants are very observant and naturally understand the psychology of people.

Unlike other signs that are are quadrupeds or human figures, such as Taurus Opens in a new tab.or GeminiOpens in a new tab., the Scorpio sign is that of an insect: an arachnid. This insect has many legs. This tells us that Scorpio ascendants have the ability to flee or evade, when necessary. It also makes them tenacious and adds to the aura of mystery and secrecy that these ascendants have, like an insect flees without being seen.

With small limbs and many feet, a Brahmin, in a hole, residing in the north, full of vigor during the day, orange in color, exposed to the water and the ground, with abundant and very pointed hair, this is the Scorpion.


The Vedic sage Parashara tells us that this insect has spiky hairs in abundance. In an insect, these tiny hairs enable them detect subtle vibrations from the environment, an ability that is essential for their survival. This calls our attention to the great intuitive capacity of Scorpio ascendants, who can know what is happening around them through sensations or hunches.

Scorpio: a deep water lake

Zodiac signs have an element with which they are associated. For Scorpio, it is water. Due to their high intuitiveness, one might think that Scorpio ascendants are just as good at knowing their own emotions, in the same way that they know those of others. But this is not the case for Scorpios.

In this sign, everything is amplified and everything is experienced with great intensity. We might imagine the symbolic place of a Scorpio as a calm and crystalline lake, where a full Moon is perfectly reflected in its waters. But this is not true for Scorpios. The crystalline lake is replaced by a lake with deep and murky waters, the image of the Moon on the surface of the water is weak because the lake seems to absorb all the light without reflecting anything.

This happens because the Moon is debilitated in this sign. The most important mission in the life of Scorpios is to fully experience their emotions. It’s makes them feel alive. However, these emotions often are not related to feelings of peace or harmony, but to frustrations, drama and chaos. A Scorpio will want to delve into that dark lake, regardless of the risk of getting lost in the attempt. Experiencing these breathtaking emotions will be a constant theme for Scorpio ascendants. They will seek them out. One might conclude that Scorpios create more painful experiences and more confusion for themselves, but the ultimate goal of their search will be their own transformation.

Transform into what?

The sage Parashara describes Scorpio as a brahman. This term refers to the ultimate reality underlying all phenomena. From this, we can understand that there is in Scorpio the ability to transform into a more awakened, more conscious, and more spiritual being.

The Moon is a very auspicious planet for Scorpio. It is the reason why its natives try to connect their mind represented by the Moon with something transcendental; with the spirituality or the grace of the Creator. Because the Moon rules the 9th house for Scorpio, this task will be a challenge in their lives, as their own consciousness will be difficult for them to scrutinize.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars


Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. It is a planet that represents power, providing the strength needed to achieve any goal. And this is the way that Mars manifests itself in an external way, like in the sign of AriesOpens in a new tab.. Mars makes Aries restless people, who seek to make their initiatives come true.

In Scorpio this strength has an inward direction. It gives Scorpios the ability to survive. At the same time, it gives them the ability to enter those deep and murky waters. This task is not easy for most people, and although it is not easy for Scorpios, they have an unquenchable need to know themselves.

Have you ever noticed that the scorpion insect has an exoskeleton or shell? That is why the Scorpio ascendant has the tendency to be self-defensive. They are difficult to know, because they will protect their interior from everyone. They may have few friends and can be suspicious at times of those that they do have. They can hold a grudge when they are hurt and the bad experiences they experience will never be forgotten.

It is a tamasic sign, meaning that they are motivated to prevent problems or to solve them. Less spiritual Scorpios may be prone to acting out by trying to control others or situations, by being possessive and jealous, or by responding to harm with revenge.

Mars rules the Scorpio ascendant and its 6th house (Aries). This demonstrates Scorpio can be their worst enemy at times, since the 6th house is the house of problems, enemies, and conflicts.

Ketu, the planet related to spirituality and renunciation, is exalted in Scorpio. This points to a need for Scorpios to build their internal strength and develop their spiritual side. The exaltation of Ketu in this sign indicates that only through detachment and renunciation, will Scorpio reach a state of balance within. Goals of transforming their tendencies toward possession, control, and jealousy into generosity, humility, and trust will be paramount in their lives.

Scorpio and health in Vedic Astrology

Mars is the main determinant of health for Scorpios. If this planet is strong, they will enjoy good health.

Since Mars is the planet that rules them, Scorpios generally have a strong build and are not very tall.

The parts of the body that correspond to the sign of Scorpio are the private parts, external sexual organs, rectum, anus and bones of the pelvis.

The health conditions that Scorpio ascendants present typically are related to Kapha-type disorders. This is because the element associated with Scorpio is water. Therefore, a Scorpio person can have diseases related to increased phlegm, such as frequent colds, sinusitis, and slow digestion.

When the slowest planets moving around the Sun (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) transit in Aries, they can cause health problems for Scorpios. In addition they may experience problems related to disputes and problems in their profession.

When the planet Mercury transits Venus and the Sun in the sign of Aries, during the months of March and April, health-related problems may also occur for Scorpio ascendants.

Scorpio and love in Vedic Astrology

The house of relationships for the Scorpio ascendant corresponds to the sign of Taurus (7th house). So Scorpios will look for emotional stability in their relationships, a stability that sometimes is lacking inside. Not only will their partner be beneficial to Scorpio in achieving this balance, but relationships in general with friends or co-workers can have a similar effect. All of them can contribute to the emotional stability of the Scorpio ascendant. This is offered by the Moon, the planet of emotions and of the mind for all people, because it is exalted in Taurus.

However, the rulership of Venus in the sign of Taurus indicates that this search for emotional stability will not be easy for Scorpio. Additionally, Venus is a malefic planet that rules the 12th house (Libra) of Scorpio, a house that is related to losses. Venus also is the planet that governs sex and the 12th house itself is related to sexual pleasures. This is why relationships for Scorpio ascendants can have a high sexual component.

On the other hand, Venus is exalted in Scorpio’s 5th house (Pisces). This makes them very creative and intelligent partners.

Jupiter is the determining planet of marriage for the sign of Scorpio, for both men and women. It also takes importance in the birth chart of a Scorpio woman because it represents her husband. For a Scorpio man the planet Venus represents his wife.

As you can see, planetary rulerships for Scorpio ascendants can cause the presence of extreme ups and downs in their lives.

Scorpio ascendants should endeavor to develop the stability that their polar sign (Taurus) offers. Stability in their emotions, due to the exaltation of the Moon in Taurus and the kindness of the planet Venus. This can be achieved through detachment and renunciation of their tendencies toward possession, control, and jealousy. This represents a challenge for Scorpios, because they tend to believe that stability is found in the couple, and ignore the fact that any stability that develops in consciousness has been achieved through internal work.

Manglik (Mangal) dosha in Vedic Astrology

In Classical Vedic Astrology there is a concept known as Manglik (also known as Mangal) dosha. This concept is related to the afflictions that the planet Mars can cause in the harmony that should exist in a marriage. Manglik dosha is considered to be present when Mars is located either in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house, from the Moon’s ascendant or natal ascendant. On the surface, it would appear that more than 80% of the world’s population would be affected by Manglik dosha, but this is not the case.

Manglik dosha may exist for an ascendant in that Mars is malefic. In this way Manglik dosha is present for Taurus, Virgo and Scorpio. But in addition Mars must affect the houses related to the harmony of marriage in an important way.

This means that many Scorpio natives will not suffer from Manglik dosha, even when Mars is in one of the houses related to harmony in marriage (houses 2, 4, 8, and 12). This is because, in addition to this position, one of the requirements is that Mars must have an influence on that house for an affliction to occur. By “having an influence” it is meant that it affects the most effective point of that ascendant house. The most effective point (MEP) is that point of the zodiac that coincides with the position of the horizon at the time of your birth, for the specific place on a geographical map where you were born. This narrows the potential effect of Manglik dosha considerably.

Career trajectories of Scorpio

The 10th house is related to professions. For the Scorpio ascendant, it is Leo, whose ruler is the Sun. This makes Scorpios ambitious in their careers. They are capable of sacrificing to get ahead.

The Sun connects Scorpios to careers related to medicine or administration. It also provides them with good leadership skills. These potentially can lead them to accepting positions of responsibility in government agencies.

The influence of the rulership of Mars can result in Scorpio ascendants gravitating toward these careers.

  • Armed forces or police
  • Engineer
  • Construction
  • Work that includes the use of fire or metal
  • Surgeon
  • Dentist
  • Mechanic
  • Sports

The sixth sense that Scorpios possess could also guide them to the following careers.

  • Investigator (any type)
  • Detective
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Astrologer

The influences of other planets that may exist in the 2nd house and the 10th house of Scorpio can also influence your career choice.

In Summary

The zodiac sign Scorpio corresponds to the 8th house in the natural zodiac.

  • It is a feminine sign
  • Its element is water.
  • It is ruled by Mars.
  • The moon is debilitated in Scorpio.
  • Ketu is exalted in Scorpio.

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I am indebted to my professor, Sam Geppi, founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, for his infinite patience and tenacity in teaching me many of the concepts expressed in this article.

I also appreciate the teachings of Professor VK Choudhry, founder of the very effective study of the natal chart: Systems Approach, the basis for effective and reliable readings.

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