Aries: a useful guide for beginners

In Vedic Astrology there are certain attributes or tendencies inherent to the different signs of the Zodiac. To explore them, let’s start with Aries – the sign of the ram.

Aries is a fire sign that is ruledOpens in a new tab. by Mars: the planet of energy. The fire element gives Arians inspiration and insight. The Sun, which means vitality, is exaltedOpens in a new tab. in Aries. Saturn, the planet of lethargy, is debilitatedOpens in a new tab. in this sign.

If you would like to know more about fire and other elements (tattwas) in Vedic Astrology, I provide a detailed explanation of their properties in my article 5 fundamental concepts in Vedic AstrologyOpens in a new tab..

Let’s delve into the characteristics of Aries. What are its strengths and weaknesses? How does it interact with other signs of the zodiac? How is the health of Aries? How is Aries in marriage?

General characteristics of Aires

The ancient Vedic sage Parashara, who derived the knowledge of Vedic Astrology, said about Aries.

Red in color, great limbs, four feet, brave at night, dwelling in the east, a relative of kings, moving in rocky places, endowed with Rajas, backward and fiery is the Ram ruled by Mars.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It is a masculine sign, indicating that they are inclined to action, aggression and external life. By aggression, it does not mean that they always have aggressive personalities or that they are emotionally dominant, but rather that their way of life tends to be very assertive and initiating.


The ram is the animal that represents Aries. It is quadruped, indicating stability. They walk forward, meaning that they persevere even if the situations are adverse. The ram walks with its head lowered and looking down. Sometimes it doesn’t know where it is going. In the process, it sometimes runs into the walls, due to its nature of not being able to wait. So sometimes Aries natives act before thinking and sometimes experience negative consequences associated with their actions.

The key characteristic of Aries is a childlike enthusiasm and an optimistic belief that whatever happens, they can recover.

Libra plays an important role in Aries development

If you are an Aries native, one of your challenges is developing balance in life and in interactions with other people. This is indicated by the sign of LibraOpens in a new tab.. Each sign has an contrary sign, also known as a polarity sign. In this case, for Aries, it is the sign of Libra. The contrary sign suggests characteristics that the ascendant sign should develop in this life.

Unbridled ambition, coupled with the enthusiasm that Arians bring to any challenge, meet resistance from others when they act like a dictator. Therefore, integrating the qualities of Libra is a very important goal for Arians.

Aries is governed by its brain

Aries natives always follow the inspiration of their minds, which means they tend to get stuck there. They can disconnect from their heart and it is difficult for them to feel in certain situations.

Aries natives can be impulsive. They might buy a plane ticket and follow a new ambition only in response to a sudden intuitive thought they had in the previous week. This could be a good thing, but it also could lead to serious complications in their life.

As an Aries native, it is imperative that you learn to channel your love for a challenge toward developing the life skills that will teach you to listen to others and to contemplate what they say. The attitude you should take is patience, stopping to reflect on what you are going to do. Try to elucidate the causes of your impulsivity, and the consequences of your actions.

Like the masculine expression of Mars, Aries natives enjoy facing external challenges. Many like physical activity. They can be athletic and enjoy games. They are often quite competitive, not only in sports and activities, but also in conversation and in life in general. Physical activity helps them balance the large amount of energy they can have within them.

Career paths of Aries

The primary determinant of careers for Aries is Mars. This means that the profession that Aries is inclined to choose depends on the strength of this planet. If you are an Aries , the Sun native governs your intelligence and professional success and the Moon governs your education.

Ideal professions for Aries could be:

  • Dentist
  • Surgeon
  • Executive
  • Military
  • Police
  • Jobs that use fire and metals
  • Athlete
  • Trainer
  • Engineers
  • Mechanics

This does not mean that an Aries only can work in these professions. It just means that they are suited for them. It is difficult to predict the profession of a person, since there can be several planets that influence a person when making the decision of what to do in this life. There also can be strong social influences. Moreover, sometimes the same person can have two or more professions simultaneously or can change professions multiple times throughout their life.

In Vedic Astrology, choosing a profession also can be related to the epoch in which a person lives. A person’s life can be divided into periods. These periods begin at your birth. When a person is ready to choose their profession, the epoch that they live can influence their inclination. An example would be the following: An Aries native lives in the epoch of Venus, the planet related to beauty, art, and music. They decide to embark upon a career in art without ever realizing that their selection was influenced by Venus. However, if this same person were living in the epoch of Mars, they might have been influenced to make a different decision regarding their profession.

The temperament of Aries

Aries is a fiery sign in Astrology. It therefore represents a great deal of energy. The Sun, which is the source of all energy in our solar system, is exalted in Aries. Of all the twelve signs of the zodiac, the Sun is strongest in Aries. Its nature is not only complemented by the Sun, but also by Mars, which is also an element of fire.

The Vedic sage Parashara says that Aries natives have a red color, which means that their nature is Pitta. He indicates that they can be impulsive, as noted above, and even that their own impatience makes them angry and hostile.

However, Aries natives tend to be optimistic, very friendly people, and firm in their commitment. They have an instant smile and are naturally charismatic, which means that they are able to convince and lead people effortlessly.

They are active, strong and determined. If Mars is strong in the natal chart, they are healthy. They like to see quick results.

Due to their confidence and aggressive nature, it is difficult to beat them in an argument or in debates. They fight for justice and always are direct. Their ultimate goal is to be number one in all the tasks and activities in which they participate.

Aries also can be vulnerable. This is something that makes them uncomfortable, because Mars, which rules them, is debilitated in the 4th house (Cancer) for Arians. This represents the emotions, the inner life. Mars is not comfortable in an emotional environment.

At this point, you might be wondering why did I say that Arians could be vulnerable if they are uncomfortable with it? Mars is a planet that represents energy and struggle. Thus, the way that Aries moves forward when perceiving vulnerability is through the use of their intelligence, creativity and their great capacity for discrimination. This is because the Sun rules the fifth house (LeoOpens in a new tab.) for Aries, the house related to intelligence, creativity, discrimination.

Zodiac signs can have one of three modalities in Vedic Astrology: movable, fixed or dual (which means that they can have fixed and movable characteristics at the same time). Aries is a movable sign. This means that it prefers to start new things instead of perfecting what it has already started.

The Health of Aries from a Vedic Astrology perspective

Aries governs the head: the skull, the forehead and the brain.

Kalapurusha is time personified. This means that each of the twelve signs of the zodiac that occur throughout a year (time) is assigned a part of the body. In this way, Aries is the head and brain of time personified. Mars, as the planet that governs Aries, is the one that gives Kalapurusha its strength and energy.

The natal chart can show us the trends in a person’s health. This should never be taken as something categorical; take it at face value.

For example, Aries natives may have a tendency to suffer from heart problems. Does it always happen? No, it doesn’t always happen. If the Moon, Mars, Mercury or the Sun are strong in the chart, the chances of having heart problems are low.

Aries natives in general could present this problem because the Moon that governs the 4th house (related to the chest and heart), is sometimes in houses where it loses its strength. But this might not apply to your natal chart.

If this debilitation is confirmed, then you have information that can help you take care of your health. For example, you can request that a physician assess your cardiac health. You can avoid weight gain by having a proper diet and exercise program. You also can avoid stress and check your blood pressure regularly. All of these measures can be taken before any disease appears. This is one of the advantages that Vedic Astrology brings.

Pitta is the dosha of Aries. Because it is related to fire, Aries has a tendency have heartburn, inflammation, and redness of the skin or of the eyes. They can be impatient, have a bad temper, and get angry easily.

When you become aware of weaknesses in your natal chart, you can modify your behavior. For example, you could decide to avoid spicy foods and hot environments that might lead to skin rashes. Through your natal chart, you can better understand your character, your strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to takes steps to nurture those things that you like about yourself and control or correct those that you don’t like.

Aries and love in Vedic Astrology

Those born under the sign Aries want a balanced love relationship. This is because the 7th house, which is the house of relationships, corresponds to the sign of Libra. Thus, they will look for harmonious and stable relationships. The way they do it is often in a conservative way.

Because Venus rules Libra, romantic partners of Aries can be attractive. If you are an Aries native, Venus will give you the sexual pleasure you seek in partners. Although this pleasure alone will not bring you happiness.

Aries can easily fall in love, although deep down they know that there has to be a balance. They intuit what love entails. They know that there has to be dedication and attention – a give and take. This is what true love means for Aries. Of course, some will understand it more than others, depending on their level of consciousness.

Given that we know that the 7th house (Libra) is the house of relationships for Aries and that Venus rules Libra, it stands to reason that Venus would be the principal signifier of marriage for Aries.

In a man’s natal chart, Venus will signify the wife. In a woman’s natal chart, Jupiter will signify the husband.

When the main planetary signifiers of marriage and the 7th house are without afflictions and the houses that signify the harmony of the couple have no problems, then the relationship will flourish. It will be a harmonious relationship.


I am indebted to my professor, Sam Geppi, founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, for his infinite patience and tenacity in teaching me many of the concepts expressed in this article.

I also appreciate the teachings of Professor VK Choudhry, founder of the very effective study of the natal chart: Systems Approach, the basis for effective and reliable readings.

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